We dig deeper, so your systems perform better.
At MOT, we solve your industrial and process controls problems at their source, designing and testing innovative automation solutions that work – the first time.
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Let’s dig deeper to find the true source of your system’s challenges.
What if tested, emerging technology could ease your pain points while increasing productivity and decreasing costs?
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We boldly approach designing industrial and controls solutions for highly specialized and complex system challenges.
What if we could drastically increase your OEE, decrease your reject rate, and get your TRIR and LTIIR to be zero while eliminating risk?
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Traditional solutions can’t withstand the ever-increasing complexities and demands of the modern industrial landscape.
What if you don’t accept the status quo and embrace automation solutions that keep you ahead of the curve?
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Transforming Businesses with Customized Automation Solutions

Masked Owl Technologies (MOT) is an industrial solutions integrator specializing in developing customized automation and controls processes. We take a consulting-based approach to identify the root cause of system challenges and incorporate tested, emerging technology into industrial solutions that mitigate risk and solve complex problems, the first time. 

MOT hires industry-leading talent who are hungry to solve complex industrial problems and further develop automation and controls expertise. Our team consists of data-driven analysts, technically curious engineers, detail-oriented project managers, and energetic customer success partners dedicated to collaborative problem-solving.

About MOT

Dig Deep

We dig deep to identify and understand your unique industrial challenges to build solutions that increase safety and efficiency, minimize risk, and allow you to focus on your core business. 

Think Big Picture

Our experts design, engineer, and test advanced solutions before building, commissioning, and launching them.

Harness Data

We assist you in gathering, understanding, and actioning your system’s most important data so your processes are as efficient as possible.

Train and Support

We equip your current and future teams with comprehensive training to effectively operate and maintain systems.

Empower Success

We build subject matter expertise and actively explore and implement emerging technologies so our solutions pave the way for operational excellence.


MOT's Certified Partnerships and Affiliations


Being Bold

MOT values, supports, and honors all employees. Our identity, culture, and way of doing business are based on these foundational tenets:

  • Be safe: Physical and mental safety is a top priority.
  • Be respectful: We value diversity, foster collaboration, and treat everyone with respect.
  • Be intentional: We’re thoughtful and reliable in all that we do.
  • Be bold: We’re not afraid to push boundaries and pioneer industrial solutions.

We specialize in assisting businesses to overcome complex industrial challenges through advanced controls and process innovations. We cater to those who envision a future of seamless efficiency and productivity but find themselves grappling with improvement and labor hurdles. 

Our services extend to partnering closely with stakeholders in the industrial space, from plant managers and engineers to construction companies, private equity firms, and more. We believe that collaboration with decision-makers is crucial to implementing effective and lasting improvements.

Whether you’re seeking to educate your workforce or become an early adopter of groundbreaking technologies, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs. We serve customers across all industries with a focus on industrial manufacturing, logistics and distribution, food and beverage, and consumer goods.


What if you could achieve operational excellence with customized solutions that focus on solving the root cause of your system’s problem?

Strategic Consulting

We provide comprehensive consulting services that encompass process planning and improvement, future planning and upgrades, detailed design support, and capital and operating expense support.

Process Engineering

With a focus on precision and innovation, we help businesses achieve seamless integration through front-end engineering design (FEED), process design, mass and energy balance analysis, piping and instrumentation diagram development, and instrumentation specification.

Industrial Automation and Controls

We deliver tailored automation and controls services that empower businesses to optimize productivity with process safety, control system design, integration, migration, regulatory compliance, batch control, and much more.

Packaging and Material Handling

We provide extensive services in packaging and material handling, using innovative automation technologies to optimize processes and enhance productivity. This includes ASRS integration, sortation, conveyance, palletization, case packing, and more.

Enterprise Automation

MOT offers end-to-end enterprise automation services, including ERP integration and manufacturing execution systems (MES). By seamlessly integrating core business processes and optimizing manufacturing operations, we empower enterprises to unlock new levels of productivity.

Networking and IT Solutions

We power reliable networking and secure IT infrastructure for industrial networks, specializing in design and cybersecurity to ensure seamless connectivity, data integrity, and protection against cyber threats.

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Additional Perspectives

Explore our blog for expert perspectives and informative resources digging deep into industrial topics, from automation advancements to process optimization strategies.

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