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Our Commitment to Innovation and Client Success Through Technology

We view emerging technology within the automation landscape as a critical area of opportunity. While some traditional system integrators explore new technologies, their limited adoption and implementation stem from lack of investment, understanding, and documented and detailed testing plans, posing significant risk. 

Our commitment to adapting and expanding into new technologies is a differentiator. The automation industry is rapidly evolving – embracing technological advancements and emerging tools not only helps us to effectively solve our clients’ problems, but it fosters innovation, promotes best practices, and drives positive industry disruption.  

At MOT, we heavily invest in research and development to identify which technologies to adopt while remaining hyper focused on mitigating risks for our clients and their projects. Our Emerging Technology Team facilitates this process, enabling us to thoroughly investigate, understand, and propose leading solutions. 

We also leverage established and proven technologies to help minimize risks and maximize returns on investment, such as:

  • We leverage industry-leading solutions such as Rockwell Automation, including ControlLogix, CompactLogix and FactoryTalk View ME/SE to deliver cutting-edge automation solutions that optimize performance, efficiency and control in industrial environments.
  • We harness the power of Siemens solutions, including SIMATIC PCS 7, TIA Portal S7 and WinCC, to deliver state-of-the-art automation systems that drive efficiency, flexibility and reliability for businesses.
  • We create intuitive and powerful industrial automation solutions using Ignition Perspective and Vision to empower businesses with advanced visualization, data-driven decision-making and seamless control.
  • We deliver robust industrial automation and control systems utilizing AVEVA solutions to achieve enhanced operational efficiency, real-time visibility and seamless integration.

Contact us today to collaborate and see how these leading technologies can empower your business.

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