Heath Barnett

Heath Barnett

Heath Barnett

Vice President, Business Development
I bring over 20 years of leadership experience in the industrial sector, blending a proven track record in sales, marketing, and operational management with my background as a team builder and leader in the United States Marines. My passion lies in developing integrated sales and marketing strategies, building meaningful relationships, and operational management, all geared towards driving scalable growth, solving problems for customers, and cultivating teams that thrive.
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The parts of my role that I love

The team around me is professional, capable, and mission-focused. I truly enjoy seeing the personal and career development of team members. In this role, I get to see firsthand that solving complex problems for industrial customers builds lasting relationships based on trust and reliability.

What excites me about Masked Owl Technologies

We’ve built a company that has the freedom and flexibility to focus on customers, highly tailored solutions, and team development, 100% of the time. We’re methodical with a sense of urgency in all things customer and solutions related.

A professional accomplishment I’m proud of

During my tenure in an operational leadership role, I had the privilege of coaching, developing, and promoting multiple direct reports. I served as a talent developer, supporting the successes of both the overall team and individual members. I’m proud to have made significant contributions to mission-critical succession planning.

Personal/fun facts

I have two incredible children that are a blessing in my life. I am a Former Tank Commander and Platoon Sargeant in the United States Marine Corps, where I won Marine of the Year, 8th Tank Battalion and the USMCR Service Medal. In my free time, I enjoy bowhunting most North American game. And many years ago, I played club Rugby at Eastern Kentucky University.

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