Megan McGeorge

Megan McGeorge

Megan McGeorge

Manager, Solution Management
I’m an engineer turned project manager with a passion for helping cross-functional teams develop custom solutions for complex and dynamic industrial problems.
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The parts of my role that I love

I love the variety and challenge of providing personalized customer solutions. I thrive in the day-to-day chaos of managing project details and removing roadblocks for the project team.

What excites me about Masked Owl Technologies

I’m excited to join a team of bright and creative individuals who are ready to tackle customer problems and create personalized solutions. I’m looking forward to developing my skills and building new relationships.

A professional accomplishment I’m proud of

With the support of a great project team, I successfully managed the execution of a project for a large international customer at the conception of the COVID-19 pandemic and height of quarantine, travel restrictions, and learning to work remotely. We navigated vendor and schedule delays, virtual FAT’s, and built lasting relationships in the process.

Personal/fun facts

I love to try new recipes (and normally destroy the kitchen in the process) and pretend I have a crafty side by dabbling with my sewing machine and Cricut. I recharge by spending time with my family. My husband and I like to travel with our two boys and see the world through their eyes.

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