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Masked Owl Technologies (MOT) was established in 2023 with one goal: to meet our clients’ process improvement needs through a tailored approach that prioritizes identifying the root cause of system issues first, then deploying an efficient, cost-effective, and targeted solution.
We want to dig deeper, so your systems perform better.
MOT identified a significant gap in the market for systems integration and solution providers, and at its core lies a single, paramount factor applicable to all projects: risk. Traditionally, the industry approach to mitigating risk requires the client to define their system’s problem and relies on conventional, status-quo technical solutions. While this approach may yield short-term solutions, it fails to dig deep enough to effectively address the underlying cause, impacting cost, quality, productivity, safety, and overall system effectiveness. Using a consistent project process that prioritizes problem definition enables MOT to target and manage risk in every stage of delivery and provides the most optimal solution for your systems. By focusing on the problem first, MOT develops customized scope documents and implements cutting-edge technical solutions that leverage tested, emerging technology to solve your problems, the first time. With boldness as part of MOT’s foundation, our teams are empowered to push the envelope, designing unique solutions that meet your requirements and developing the processes that allow us to mitigate automation risks while you focus on your core business.

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In contrast to traditional service integrators who rely on standard technical approaches and develop with a singular outcome in mind, MOT breaks the mold. 


Our Team

 Our team is composed of data-driven analysts, technically curious engineers, detail-focused project managers, and an energetic customer success team ready to solve problems. 

Vice President, Business Development
Director, Solution Execution
Manager, Operations
Director, Solution Success
Manager, Emerging Technology
Manager, Solution Management
Senior Manager, Marketing

Committed to Adapting and Expanding Into New Technologies

The automation industry is rapidly evolving – embracing technological advancements and emerging tools not only helps us to effectively solve our clients’ problems, but it fosters innovation, promotes best practices, and drives positive industry disruption.  

While some traditional system integrators explore new technologies, their limited adoption and implementation stem from lack of documented and detailed testing plans, which poses significant risk. At MOT, we heavily invest in research and development to identify which technologies to adopt while remaining hyper focused on mitigating risks for our clients.

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